Sundays With Syd


Well, well, well.  Howdy-ho-there-neighbor.  I'm excited to bring you what in my head sounds like a good idea: a mini-series about stuff I do on Sundays (with the occasional Saturday perhaps) so simply calling it "Sundays With Syd."  I want to do more things on my days off and not just be lazy the whole weekend, ya feel?

Cool? Cool.


Started the day off at the top of the county up in my old stomping grounds and hometown, Oceanside.  Think what you will, but I think it's a rad place :) I wanted to hunt for a new film camera because mine was acting up.  And what do you know, it broke about an hour into my excursion.  RIP.  So your eyeballs are seeing some of the last photos it took.  Lucky you :)

Seahive Market was recommended to me by one of my coworkers and it did not disappoint.  Something like 10,000 SQFT of treasures.  Bunch of vendors in one sprawling L-shaped building.  Curated antiques and vintage.  Furniture, clothes, books, records, collectibles.  IT'S. SO FUN.  I love this kind of stuff.  I guess you could say I'm more of a flea market gal versus a thrifter.  Fleas are more curated and tend to have more unique pieces.  Less shit you gotta sort through to find the good stuff.  Granted, the pricing reflects that, because the vendors typically know the value of what they're selling.  


Ah so goooooood.  I always crack up at the randomest crap you see at these things.  I picked up a Cramps tshirt and a cool post card.

Moving along...

I wanted to hit up DAV. This is for sure a real deal thrift store.  Not curated.  Lots of....junk.  I was in and out in 30 seconds.  I knew my chances of finding cameras here were slim to none but thought i'd at least try.  My dad and sister love this spot for thrifting clothes.  You can score some gems if you have the patience to dig.  


I left my car at Seahive and walked a couple blocks up Coast Highway to check up on an old favorite shop.  On the way I popped into another antique market.  Eh, mostly junk antiques and it was hot as hell in there.  Abort.  Across the street there was a shop that is an "Estate Sale Warehouse."  Didn't go in but maybe it's good?

The last photo captured on my camera :(

The last photo captured on my camera :(

(Next few photos were taken just on my phone since my camera decided to exit this world.)  Can't go to Oside without stopping at Captain's Helm.  Men & Women's curated vintage and consignment shop that also carries new stuff.  Brixton, Stance, Raen, Captain Fin, and some other cool brands.  Good place to get gifts for your guy or dad.

They also have a coffee shop/counter inside and seating to hang outside, Captain Grounds Coffee and they also have a little cart at Seahive too, FYI..  I take my clothes there to sell or trade.  They give you either 50% trade or 35% cash.  I usually do credit and just rack it up and buy my Brixton hats and stuff and it kinda feels like I'm getting it for free since I'm just using credit.


On the walk back to the car I stopped in this little apothecary, Reap & Sow, that's actually right next door to CH.


Some photos I took from a disposable I picked up at the Walmart ;)  Been wanting to check out PorVida, a café down in Barrio Logan for a while now.  They have all kinds of specialty Mexican style coffees and drinks and their pastries are driven up from TJ :) 


I'm bummed the flashed blew out the designs on the cups, but they have such good little designs.  I'm all about the details.


Iced Horchata Latte with a treat the girl at the counter helped me pick out.  It was pink so I snagged it haha.  They have a little section in the cafe with merch: pins, tshirts, mugs, totes, patches.  I bought a couple pins to add to my jacket.  


I asked the girl that rang me up where else in the area she thought I should go and she sent me down the street to check out Simon, Limon.  Little cute shop toting pins, candles, jewelry and other items made by local artists! 


Chatted with the shop owners there about traveling and my blog and talked about Germany and Japan.  It is always so fun and nice to talk and connect with strangers about mutual interests and passions.  

Walked down the street and stopped by Arts & Rec.  

Me: "hey nice mini ramp."

Shop manager: "we should totally take your picture skating on it!!"

Me: "errrrrrr"


Kept walking and ran into these pitbull puppy brothers!! I took out my camera to take a photo of one of them that was in the wagon and the owner picked up the other one and put him in the wagon to get the shot haha.


Anyways. Gonna walk around places more again.  Thanks for tuning in and see ya hopefully next Sunday :)

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