Coastal Drive: What We Did


Sup, foos. Before I say another word, I want to say “Thank You :)” to anyone who takes a few minutes out of their day to sift through my ramblings and read this blog. It truly means a lot to me. When I hear that something helped you or even just made you laugh that is what helps encourage and motivate me to keep going with this blob. And whatever it may or may not morph into.

*Relevant Tangent Spiel: Lately in little snippets here and there of things I’ve read, listen to, or watched people that become “successful” in something they started had one thing in common: they started with something they loved and were excited about and just STARTED. They weren’t second guessing themselves a whole lot, or worrying or expecting that they could soon quit their day jobs, they were just pouring themselves into this new hobby or outlet that was fated to become something bigger than they would have hoped. So whether you wanna make a blog, a podcast, start a new job, go back to school, move somewhere, etc…and if i’m the only one that tells you…JUST. START.


Back to our regularly programmed babble! One of my favorite things that my OG followers knows about me is my passion for walking the heck around. We started off the trip walking around the Fairfax/Melrose area in LA. Tons of cool shops and places to check out. Dolls Kill just opened a new store (check it out if you’re in the area its wild!) Melody Ehsani has a jewelry/accessory boutique (she’s the maker of the ‘1-800-His-Loss’ pin I have ;) ) If you walk a few more blocks and then down Melrose you hit some good curated vintage. It’s not cheap but you can find some cool gently used bigger brands at places like Wasteland.


Insider tip: If you need to pee go to Canter’s Deli. They’ve always let me use it. I’ve never eaten there but that’s where the guys from Guns ‘N Roses would go and I guess they have their own booth there. Anyway, don’t really make eye contact, walk with purpose to the stairs on the left just past the bakery counter!




Chinatown Market had a pop-up shop with the brand Pleasures that we went to go check out.


Bjork! And some random cool books. The one on the left behind the Dream Team book was a book called Tokyo Taxis and just had cool pictures of taxis in Tokyo.


We sell this rug at work and I low-key kinda wanna buy it.


Right as we were walking up to this cross walk some kid came up to ask and asked for a picture. We were confused. Does he want us to take his picture? Does he want to take our picture? Nope. He wanted a picture with Jerrod. The hell…

Haha. It was weird and funny at the same time. The dude awkwardly realized Jerrod wasn’t who he thought he was and just kinda tapered off in volume and distance. *Cue Nick from New Girl awkward moonwalking away.

We kinda wished we stopped the guy and asked him who he thought Jerrod was. Jerrod assumed he mistook him for like a famous techno DJ or something. Haha!


Some puppies in the smelliest pet shop I’ve ever been in. It was a rescue shop called Bark ‘N Bitches. L-O-L.


Supreme had a release with Comme Des Garcons and you had to have a bloody appointment/reservation time to shop it. It was hot as actual hell that day and these peeps were roasting in the LA sun waiting their turn to buy $800 tshirts. Insane.


It was seriously so hot so Jerrod suggested we get out of the heat and into some AC in the form of a museum. I knew the Broad wasn’t too far and I’d always wanted to go. Not sure if it’s a normal occurrence but when I booked our tickets on my phone right then and there on the sidewalk, they turned out to be free!

Update: Just looked it up and I guess general admission is always free. Haha, darn. But still cool that we didn’t have to pay!


We scored some killer primo street parking and even a stranger walking by said “You guys got lucky and scored with that spot.” Hell ya, brother. (it was a lady but nah mean) There is also a lot on this really steep hill that is pretty cheap to park at. It just is freakishly small and tight and gives me kinda anxiety when I think about parking in there but way cheaper than the bigger lot across the street.

“If you’re so successful, why do you feel like a fake?”

“If you’re so successful, why do you feel like a fake?”


We worked up an appetite and wanted to make our way to Grand Central Market for lunch. According to my phone, it was an 11 minute walk if we took an L-shaped route. Orrrr you could cut through this business square and take Angel’s Flight for $1 a person down the hill and cut your travel in less than half the time! At a staggering 298 feet this has the be the world’s shortest railway or at least the cutest. Like: come. onnnnnn. S’cute.


Walking around this place is the best. So much good stuff to choose from.


After we ate breakfast the next day we popped into Intentionally Blank right down the block from Sqirl. They had just opened and one of the associates was scraping old lettering off the glass windows. In addition to their shoe and clothing line, they had a section of vintage stuff and some candles!


After a fun and packed little day and a half in LA we headed back out on our 2.5 hr drive up the coast to Los Alamos. I didn’t really take any pictures of the town which I should have. It’s seriously the coolest spot. So nice and random with just a hint of Get Out vibes. Haha.


We stopped to stretch our legs in Pismo! It was so cool coming to these places I grew up visiting as a kid. I am grateful that my dad took us on these road trips and that I could see a town or a coastline and instantly have a memory from my childhood come to mind.


I always gotta hit the candy store. Always.

I’ll spare you some gross pictures I took of some…unique…treats…this place sold. They had candied crickets and worms here in all kinds of flavors. It was so disgusting. I asked the lady at the counter if people really buy this stuff and she looked at me like “duh.” Ok geez.


Just a few more miles up the coast and we stopped to pick up lunch at Avila Farm Stand. I actually have no idea if that’s what it’s called but that sounds good to me. Haha. You guys this place was killer.


Bruh, you had a Santa Rosa plum? If not, why not. And IYKYK.


They let you try anything you wanted and a dude with a knife would cut you a piece right on the spot. I got a white peach the size of a grapefruit.


We started gathering stuff to have a little picnic. Snagged some spicy jalapeno cheese and it was bomb.


There were tons of different kind of animals all around the farm stand. These goat siblings were so cute and I’m not even really a goat person.


After our picnic, Jerrod took us to a lookout point with a tiny baby little hike.


So pretty.


Cruisin around SLO with my guy! (*Who isn’t pictured unfortunately because I make him take pics of me instead)


When I was like 14 I saw the movie “Year One” with Jack Black and Michael Sera in this tiny theater to the left of this giant theater, on a roadtrip with my family in SLO. I don’t remember much of the movie other than the fact that it was kinda crass to be watching with your parents and everyone involved felt awkward. The theater is still there and when I described this whole memory to Jerrod but couldn’t remember the name of the film, he knew exactly what I was referring to. Walking IMDB, that one. Good times! Haha.


The famous gum wall.


We walked around downtown and this shop has to be my favorite one in SLO. Check out Len Collective if you’re there.


Nite Creamery tho, y’all. I wish I had a picture of what we got to show you but we ate it all too fast it’s just that good. We got Saturdays Cereal which was Captain Crunch Ice cream with Frosted Flakes on top. Yum. They make the ice cream with liquid Nitrogen. Pretty cool.


Alright, that wraps up the Coastal Drive trip. Below is a photo I took on my 300 mile drive home alone without Jerrod :( Distance is tough but if they’re worth it you can make it work! Anyway, if you’re taking an impromptu trip remember to just eat good food and be present in the moment. That’s really the key to it all. Love ya lots.


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