Coastal Drive: Where We Ate

Food. The essence of life. Haha, alright y’all. The post you may or may not have been waiting for. Where we ate. I’ll break down the spots we stopped to get our grub on. If you haven’t already eaten you might want to after this because everything be lookin like a snackkkk. Let’s just jump in.


First stop: Cafe Topes

I’ve been coming to this little spot for a couple years now and is a tried and true favorite. A stones throw away from downtown Carlsbad Village, this corner cafe always delivers on the good breakfast/brunch front. Some regulars on their menus include some of my favorites : Mexican Benedict and Captain Crunch french toast (which is what I got on this visit) and they always have a ‘specials’ menu that has some insane options.


Really good coffee selection and huuuuuge range of teas to choose from. I got peach vanilla ice tea. Give the dirty icing cinnamon roll a try.


Captain Crunch french toast w/ berries and whip cream + country fried steak on biscuits w/bacon :)))))))


Whenever I’m in Downtown LA I love stopping at Grand Central market! A sprawling open marketplace with all sorts of food vendors and even some small grocers.


It was hot and I was tired so I tried a Macadamia Nut Almond Milk latte. Eh, it was alright. Wish it tasted $6 worthy!


I always say I’m gonna try something new when I come but I always get pad thai from the same spot and then steal bites from whoever I’m with. My guy got his favorite pupusas and was in heavennnn.


Can’t not get some candy when you see spots like this. This shop had soooooo many choices. I got a bag filled up and it cost me just under $4.


By the time dinner time rolled around we were wiiiiped out. So I postmate-d for the first time in my life. (I know, I know….) We got bomb a$$ bao buns from Baohaus. I got a Spiceland Bao which was fire!!! I should have got 2. We both got a ‘Chairman Bao’ which I have no idea why I thought I would like that. Because I don’t really like pork belly and there is a thicc piece of pork belly in it. And my guy (whose name is Jerrod btw!!) got a Birdhaus Bao which is the non-spicy version of what I got. And we shared some tarot fries! Yum.


For breakfast the next day, we hit a spot I’ve wanted to try for a while now called SQIRL. Pronounced just like the animal haha. Famous for their ‘ricotta toast’ I knew it would be LA-ish breakfast food. If you know what I mean then you know what I mean. I didn’t have an appetite that morning which was a damn shame, because it lead me to order some wack granola. If you get the ricotta toast get it rainbow (all 3 kinds of their jam)! Jerrod got a dish that was a bit out there for me. He’s all about anything pickled. :)


Ok, so I had no idea that the tiny town of Los Alamos, California is a FOODIE MECCA. At first glance it may seem like a town that only has simple Americana diner-esque food and maybe some BBQ. But, upon a closer look and to your surprise it has some really elevated tastes. For dinner we shared a few appetizers at Bell’s. It was pretty pricey and what I considered fancy-ish haha. So we got some beers, the best gnocchi I’ve ever had, some bread & cultured butter (new to me!) and the best french cake.

We got to chat with the owners and they were pretty young. They opened their doors only 6 months ago. So cool seeing people pour their hearts into something new and watch it take off.


Next up, Bob’s Well Bread.

Again, so unexpectedly good…and so packed. We walked in around the late morning and this place was swamped. I swear there were more people in the restaurant than there were out and about in the town. It’s super cute inside but it was nice outside so we ate at a picnic table in the shade.


When it was our turn to order and pay I whispered to Jerrod, “this guy looks fancy, maybe he’s the owner.” After my photo on my insta story got reposted haha and a quick browse on the company gram I realized that it was Bob himself that rang us up. #boyswithbread lol.

When I was taking out my card to pay, he noticed my NYC metrocard and asked if I was a NY-er. Damn, no, but thanks for thinking I was haha. Said he lived out there and got sick of the city and corporate grind. And now look at him running a restaurant in the middle of nowhere making bomb ass bread. He’s figured it out.


Bruh. BRUH. I got the egg in a frame. Easily a 10/10. Béchamel sauce and bacon lardons, yo.


The yummiest flakiest raspberry and cream cheese pastry. HELL YA BROTHER.


Went to the best roadside farm stand I’ve ever seen or been to in my life. I’ll write more about it in the next post ‘What We Did.’ We picked out some fruit. Plums, strawberries, and the hugest peach. Salami and spicy cheese and chips. Heaven. Ate it on a picnic blanket at the park.


Woke up craving acai. Checked out Sally Loo’s in downtown SLO and I couldn’t decide on what to get, everything looked good!


And to finish it off. Snagged some donuts from SLO Donut Co right before I had to make the 300 mile trek home :( Jerrod got matcha and I got da best peanut butter pillow donut. I couldn’t decide. There were so many to choose from. Almost got one of these chocolate chip sandwich donuts!


Thanks for reading along. Hopefully if you’re ever in LA or driving up the coast you can stop at any of these spots :)

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