Coastal Drive: Where We Stayed

Hey guys. Got a couple really cool spots to share with you. A few of you had asked or commented: “How do you find these places?!” “You always find the sickest spots.”

*takes humble bow

Thank you, thank you.

I really do pride myself on finding this kinda shit. And I’m really glad that you guys like it. I really hope to be able to eventually get to do “this” for a living. Kind of a pipe dream but in the world we live in, I think it’s possible. So until I get offered to stay in these kind of digs for free…I will pay for them. And gladly, in these instances, because I think that they were totally worth it :)

Just a little background context, myself and my favorite/best/handsome guy took a semi-spontaneous drive up the coast together. He is in his final year of his architecture program at Cal Poly so I suggested I just drive him up and we make a trip out of it. Best decision. So with nothing booked we sat at breakfast the morning we left and I booked our first accomodation in LA.

The first place we stayed was Gold-Diggers: a boutique hotel, bar, and recording studio all wrapped up into one. I had seen it on Instagram via Bri Emory of @designlovefest the night prior. I consider myself fairrrlyyy familiar with the sprawling city of Los Angeles (did you know I was born there and lived my first few years there? or that my family is all from there and many of them still live there?) I wanted to find something kinda central and near all the good food and shops. This little gem is nestled right off Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood near Larchmont. You would have no idea that such a rad spot is amongst it’s kinda underdeveloped and semi-seedy surrounding blocks. Doesn’t bother me one bit though ;)


I’m not sure but I believe this spot hasn’t been around too long because everything seemed brand new and fresh. The decor and details were soooo cute.

UPDATE: Just found out that we were the first paying customers! They jusssst opened. Makes our stay there even more memorable and special :)


I wish this was my bathroom! Heart eyes x 10. The room came fully stocked with Malin + Goetz products which we were both big fans of.


We hit the jackpot when we realized that we were the only room in the whole joint that had its own little private balcony! You could see the DTLA skyline off in the distance and the Griffith Observatory from our room.


In my perfect world, all hotels come with his & her’s robes. There was a Nespresso machine and cute little ceramics to have coffee in the morning. Took advantage of our little nook and just sipped it as we woke up. So nice.

My sweet boy.

My sweet boy.


So…at the end of the hallway of the floor we were on was an exit door and to my surprise it wasn’t locked. And in my book, if it’s not locked then it must be ok to get on the fire escape. And if the ladder on the fire escape isn’t locked then it must be ok to climb on the roof.

Now. I am terrified of heights. Terrified. I don’t even like standing on the kitchen counter. But. I wanna get the shot. So I put my camera in my mouth and shimmied up this tiny metal ladder up the back of this building.


Don’t know if you can tell from this grainy photo but that’s the Hollywood sign straight ahead.


I def would recommend staying here! It’s close to a lot of restaurants and stuff and if we didn’t have a lazy night in with postmates in bed we would have probably gone down to the bar beneath the hotel because it looked sick asf. (It did however keep us up kinda late. The bass was pretty loud and booming through the walls. The only downside. But i’m sure for all you non-grandma’s and grandpa’s/nightowls it would be a non issue haha.) Gold-Diggers FTW.

Next up, The Alamo Motel!

(It’s part of the Shelter Social Club which has a few other super rad spots dotted around Southern California :) )


Alright, so….this place is a GEM, a true a diamond in the rough. We wanted to break up the drive and so this was a great pit stop on the way up the coast. It was about 2.5 hours outside of LA and about 45 min south of SLO. Tucked in the hills of Santa Barbara wine country, seriously in the middle of seemingly nowhere, is the cutest little town of Los Alamos, California. Population: 1,890.

It’s rolling golden hills and what looks like just acres and acres of open land; and then there all of a sudden is this town. The hotel is off the main drag, dotted with a handful of western-style restaurants, bars, and a general store. We were like “what isssss this place?”


But how cute is this room? We opted for the ‘Queen With a Clawfoot Tub.’ They have several different room configurations and sizes depending on what you are looking for and how many you need to accommodate.


I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this tub. I knew I was going to have a hot soak in it later that night.


How cute is this little basket of snacks and treats? I really wanted that chocolate bar…but it was $9!


Some wines and other various drinks :)


The hotel is a horse-shoe shape and in the middle is this nice area to hang out under these market lights. There is a waterfall fixture, seating, bikes you can rent and ride around the town, and even its own little wine bar on site!


This was truly heaven :) I took one again in the morning too.


Complimentary coffee & tea cart in the office. The gal at the front desk was so nice and had tons of suggestions as to things to do and check out in the town and the surrounding areas. When you get your email confirmation after you book your stay, included is a list of links to bars and restaurants that they recommend. It is really wild how much of a foodie mecca the little town is. I suppose because its a quick day trip up from Santa Barbara and even LA. Some really elevated food being served up in such an unexpected place. Stay tuned more about it in the “Where We Ate” post.


The office doubles as a nicely curated shop :) So many well-designed makers and artisans and small brands. I bought a book about different meditations for creative entrepreneurs.


This spot was right down the block from the hotel, a little shop and hang out spot! I believe it was called Bodega.

We stayed at my boyfriend’s apartment in SLO on the last night of the trip to save some cash making it for a well rounded trip. I would definitely stay at any of these spots again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a unique place to stay :)

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