Amsterdam Pt. 3

(I had used google translate to look up how to say 'hello' in Dutch.  To my amusement and disappoint it is actually just 'hallo' ). 

What is up, people.  Been a hot minuto since I have actually sat down and blogged.  Feels really good I've actually missed it a lot.  I've been home from the trip for about a month now so hopefully my memory serves me correctly as I recount the final installment of the weird wanderings in Amsterdam.


Took this photo on a canal boat on my last full day in the Netherlands.  Fun fact: I actually found out that I was an ignorant American up until seriously like a couple weeks ago and that Holland is actually not a country.  Its a region in the country of the Netherlands.  I feel dumb and embarassed. Wow.  

Well, in response to my instagram story that "people here are kind of dicks" a Dutchie (he called himself that not me haha) responded and said that he was sorry that his country wasn't being hospitable and that he was a nice guy that would like to take me on his boat.  Why not, fam. Why not.

After my solo Thai food dinner where my waiter pestered me like a mosquito about how lame and sad and lonely I was for eating dinner alone I headed down one of the many canals and met a virtual stranger for a sunset canal ride.  I actually booked a canal tour for the following morning but this seemed more my style.  One stranger versus a literal boatload.  So I didn't even go on the one I paid for.  Evened out in the wash I figured.

Met the guy at his little dock and got in the boat.  Hahah  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He had to run back to his flat nearby to grab something so here I was. Alone in a strangers boat that I met for literally 10 seconds.  Could've heisted it.    Anyway it was cool we just cruised around the canals and checked out the city from the perspective of the water.  The wider, bigger canals on the outskirts of the city center are lined with the coolest houseboats.  He said most are permanent residents for the people that were living there and some are valued in the millions of Euros price range.  Wow.


"I'm the Captain now." I got to drive and it was kewl.  Not that hard.  Just got a little nervous when we were in the smaller canals in the city.  We docked and got ice cream.  Supa fun.  This photo was taken at like 10pm but the sun stays out so late.  Loveee Europe, dude.  Ps. everytime I look at this photo it looks like I'm wearing like a maxi ballgown skirt haha but Im sitting on a black blanket and wearing black trousers so ya haha.

Jos, if you're reading this which I think could be an even 50/50 chance you might, thank you for taking me.  You really were a "nice Dutchie."  Sorry I swerved your kiss attempt.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Headed home and just chilled out at the hostel.  I had a cool Australian girl, an unknown Euro girl that did not acknowledge us at all lol, and the best Japanese gal.  All of us were solo traveling.  HELL YA GIRLS RULE.


This is Mika, the girl from Japan.  Seriously, an ANGEL.  She was so so polite and quiet and chill because Japanese, duh.  My last morning I had some time to kill before I caught the train back to Berlin.  We all had to check out of the hostel around the same time so I asked her if she wanted to hang for a bit.  She kept apologizing that her english was so bad.  I'm always like 'Dude, don't apologize! I should be apologizing that I only speak english when you and most of the world can speak multiple languages.'  That is one of many things that I wish was different about being American.

She told me all of the countries she had been to so far and where she had left to go.  She was off to London so I told her I used to live there.  I still have my Oyster cards in my wallet so I gave her a spare one.  Before we split up, she asked me for my blog website because we had talked about it earlier that morning.

Well, come home from the states and get an email through the blog from Mika telling me that she not only checked out my blog and loved it but that she was sorry if she came across as "rude" while she was in Amsterdam.  The Japanese are too pure for this world haha.  She told me that she was feeling kinda down and lonely from traveling alone and missed home.  While I pretty much only speak english, I'm fortunate that most of Europe speaks my language too.  Not only fairly well, several are essentially fluent.  So for the most part it's easy to communicate and while there are several cultural differences I would say its more similar versus the Asian countries.  So my heart went out to lil Mika!  I have close friends that are like "oh ya I'll have to check out your blog one of these days." And then there is this girl I just met for like 1 day and she's already showing love.  It seriously means a lot to me know when anyone at all checks out my blog but it means even more when strangers do.


How gorgeous is this Starbucks?  Old reliable.  This was just at Amsterdam Centraal where I went and rented a locker for €10 to store my stuff so I didn't have to carry it around for the couple hours before I would be taking off.  Another reason to travel light.  The lockers weren't huge so my little carry-on roller bag fit.  Plus, if they didn't have lockers and you had to carry all your shit around that would get annoying.

Ok, so I don't know about you but whenever I go to places where I know they shot a movie or show there I always look up the filming spots.  In SF, I've gone to Mrs. Doubtfire's house and That's So Raven's house haha but in Amsterdam where do I go? The Fault in Our Stars bench. Haha Nerd Alert.  After some quick investigative google research I find the coordinates for said bench on a fan page.  LOL.  Here are some pics I snapped en route to a friggin bench:

These were the size of my head and I have a huge head.

These were the size of my head and I have a huge head.

who is he?

who is he?


Right past this tram car was a Brandy Melville.  I popped in and had a good little chuckle at all the stuff that said 'Newport Beach' and 'New York USA.'  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So I get to the bench.  There is a gang of Russian teenagers there.  It's all good I'll just wait for them to get their photo and they'll probably be moving right along.  I sat down on the canal edge and thought of all the possible ways I might accidentally fall in. (Also do you ever just get irrational fears when say walking on a wooden pier that your phone will somehow sprout legs and hop out of your very secure jean pocket and perfectly pencil dive through the wooden slats into the water? Same)

Well they didn't leave.  Like ever.  I probably only waited there near them for like 15-20 minutes but it felt like 3 weeks.  Eh, wasn't that bothered enough to ask them to move or anything.  


Don't mind me.  Just crouching to take a quick pic of my dream little stoop situation and I couldn't hear the old Dutch men over my headphones tell me to look out because they were washing the windows of the flat a couple doors down.  The wind kicked up and I got doused in power sprayer water. (You know the meme of the lizard with a bunch of chins laughing like 'heheheheh' well that must've been inspired by their laugh at me). Haha. 


Ok, randomest cutest little lounge at the train station.  I got a really good panini and chips and the bartender was the nicest lady. 


While my time in Amsterdam was hot, sweaty, brief and weird I still had a good time.  Hopped back on the train to take a 6.5 hour jaunt back to Berlin.  Here are a few last pics.  Cheers Xx.

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