Where I Ate: Berlin

Your trip is as only as good as the food you ate, am I right?  Most of you already know that I love finding and trying unique and delicious places to eat when I travel and Berlin did not disappoint.  Too many places to try and not enough time!




I had originally written Kame down as somewhere to get pastries and sweet things.  But when I was out walking around I happened upon it around dinner time so I popped in.  Haha so....it's very authentic Japanese.  If you don't speak Japanese or German you will be...using some hand gestures and speaking slow and loud.  Lot of head nodding.  


I'm half japanese believe it or not and I thought Id feel like I fit in here.  Not at all.  Haha. So the lady who seemed to own the restaurant was like a German/Japanese speaking Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada.   She was equally stylish-fascinating-terrifying.  Apparently I just completely missed the memo that they were having a sushi pop-up shop and wouldn't be serving their regular menu for the day.  So when I ordered something that wasn't being served at the time, our Miranda-esque friend just said something in Japa-german that probably translated to "yo, dummy, we ain't serving that right now so pick something else or kick rocks."


Sadly for me, they were all out of tuna and IDFW salmon so literally the only sushi left to order was vegetarian.  Ha ITS FINE. I wasn't starving or anything.  Luckily the girl that took my order was like the nice Stanley Tucci of the duo and made sure I knew what I was ordering.  I ate it in about 30 seconds.  It was in the €10 range I believe.


Zeit Für Brot


Translates to "Time for Bread."  Yoo this place was CUTE.  One of the cute German dudes I met took me here for brunch after a late night out and it was A1.  All the bread is baked fresh there.  Homemade fruit jams.  Locally made cheese.  Fresh smoothies.  Savory, sweet, filling without feeling heavy.  We got a combo of the "Big Breakfast" €9,80 and the "Sweet Breakfast" €4,90.  The weather was perfect and we got a spot in the window.  Great place to just people watch and enjoy good food and good company.


Yamyam Berlin

Korean Food FTW.  Popped into Yamyam after a tattoo appointment on the way home in Mitte.  I hadn't ever heard of it but it smelled great and there were loads of people eating there without it being too overwhelmingly crowded.  I got Bulgogi and an iced latté that came with the world's smallest cutest cookie.  €9,80 for the bowl. €3,50 for the coffee.


What Do You Fancy, Love?


Saw this little spot walking back to the airbnb in Mitte.  Thought it looked cute from the outside and it happened to come up on my search for "smoothies" when I was feeling hot and needed something refreshing.

They have coffees and all types of fresh smoothies and juices as well as baked items and other made to order food.

So.  Not surprisingly enough, the entire menu is in German.  Some of the words for various fruits are recognizable enough, others not so much.  I asked the guy behind the counter to recommend his favorite versus having him give me a vocab lesson.  Lucky for me, his favorite tasted real good.  I think it was €4-5.

I didn't get any photos of another spot you gotta try, Umami.  Same dude that took me to Zeit Für Brot took me here.  It's a Thai restaurant with quite an extensive menu.  When we got there, he told me they have a really nice burger.  Never thought I'd get a burger at a Thai place. But frick one of the best burgers I've ever had.  If you go you gotta try the Bun Bao burger. Moneyyy.

(Side story: while we were there some guy next to us had a spat with one of the waiters.  After he left, my date told me what had happened.  The guy had his feet up on one of the wood block stools we were all sitting on outside.  The waiter came up and told him that the seats were for people that were ordering food.  The guy made some smart-ass remark along the lines of "well, if I order something then can I put my feet up?" The waiter wasn't having it and just was like "NO, MAN." Obviously all in German. 

Judging by his annoyance and my date's shock to it all I realized the Germans really do not appreciate feet up on furniture.  I mean, American's don't either....ish.  But I feel like we put our feet up on stuff.  Right?  Which instantly made me feel like an absolute POS because I had put my feet up on the train seat across from me when I was traveling back to Berlin from Amsterdam.  They were only up for like 1 minute but it felt like 1 minute too long because I got a scathing look from a couple people.  Eek. My bad.  Now I'll just go feel bad about it forever brb!)

*A lot of these cafés and restaurants and little places are cash only.  

So there you have it.  A small handful of cool, little, unique eateries.  Tons more I didn't get to but all the more reason to go back:)

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