Where I Stayed: Berlin Pt.2


Wolfram's rooftop flat

Berlin Mitte

So after one night in artsy, eclectic grungy Kreuzberg I made my way across town not too far to Mitte.  Which quite literally translates to "the middle."  In the middle of Berlin, Mitte is more modern and clean looking.  I would compare it to SOHO in New York, perhaps.  I had my backpack and my little baby suitcase with me as I took a 10 min ride on the U-bahn and a 10 minute walk to Wolfram's flat.


Haha so of course the one little morsel of graffiti is next to the front door of the building.  I definitely don't mind ;)  One somewhat of a downside of Airbnb can be the check-in process.  The host may have a really strict or inconvenient check-in window time.  Not Wolfram's.  He works from home and so I was able to come drop my things off and check in immediately after I checked out at Betty's at noon.  Super, super convenient!  His flat was really easy to find and seriously across the street from a tram stop and like a 2 min walk to the underground.

(Cute side story to show how cute and not gross I am: I mean it was hot out.  The hottest I've ever felt? No, but it wasn't necessarily breezy.  I was wearing a mauve boilersuit.  Ha, how fitting.  Well, apparently I was boiling because when I crossed town and walked up 5 floors, dumped my bags and got the tour...I walked past a mirror in his flat and saw from the front I had two very distinct wet backpack strap marks on the fronts of my shoulders.  Cool! Cute! Turned to the side and saw that my entire back. Entire. Back. looked like I had surrendered to laying down in an actual puddle of water. So cute! Also so embarassing.  Thanks Wolfram for not saying anything as we walked around your perfect apartment while I looked like a sweaty-ass janitor that needs to get her life together!)

His flat is the rooftop apartment. Which was a lot bigger than the other flats.  The bedroom itself was really spacious and so light and airy.  Nice kingsize bed, wardrobe for your things, a nice little sitting area, and the best part, your own private bathroom.  It's actually illegal in Berlin to rent your entire flat out on Airbnb.  I had heard that there were a lot of different restrictions and regulations for people renting out their places.  So since the owner is legally required to remain in the home, it's super nice to have your own bathroom to yourself and not share.  The bathroom was so big and nice as well, I honestly felt like I was in a hotel.


So besides the nice living space and the fact that this flat was in fact 2 floors, the crowning jewel was the rooftop terrace that I was free to use whenever I wanted.  Full of plants and greenery it was such a nice spot to sit and just enjoy the weather or drink your coffee.  Had stunning views of the neighborhood and the Fernsehturm or more commonly known as the Berlin TV Tower.  Amazing.  The views alone make it worth it!!


Wolfram was super easy going and made me feel really comfortable.  5/5 stars!  I would for sure recommend his flat if you're in Berlin!

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