Favorite Cafe is More Than Okay


Okay Café

OKAY CAFE, y'all.  This place.  Walk. Take a bus, train, plane.  Get here. 

I can't remember how I came across it but I had written it down in my travel notebook of a place to check out.  I had just moved across town to my next Airbnb in Mitte and to the U-bahn from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz station.  Super quick walk to the cafe from the train, it's nestled in Kreuzberg and was in the perfect mellow spot.


Always iced Vanilla Latté w/almond milk cause i'm basic.  I asked the girl at the counter what her favorite baked treat in the glass case was and I went with her #1 choice: slice of homemade lemon cake.  How you can you say no to that.


Everyone that was there was so nice and laid back.  The employees were so cute and stylish and everyone there eating or working on their laptops or phones were so chilled.  Really good place to either get some work done or enjoy your coffee with plenty of seating both in and outside.  I brought my notebook with me so I jotted down some content ideas and journaled a couple experiences. 100 percent my vibe.


I forget what this was called but it was toast with spinach and egg and a shit-ton of what was pretty much everything-bagel-seasoning, avocado? and SRIRACHA MAYO.  Bomb.

So in a nutshell y'all need to go!

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