Where I Stayed: Berlin Pt.1


Hey guys.  Wowowow trying to contain my excitement and gather my thoughts so I can write this post.  As you already can tell by the title I'll fill you in on where I stayed on my trip.  For me, accommodations are a fine balance between something that doesn't really matter but at the same time matters a lot:

  1. I don't spend too much time in them.  
  2. The time I do spend in them I want to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible

I briefly touched on this in my New York Post but I'll just mention again that while I usually am just looking for a place to sleep, shower, and maybe spend a little downtime in while I'm charging my phone or laying down for a bit before I go back out for the night...  having a nice, clean semi-spacious private room I have found is so necessary to my overall comfort and well-being on the trip.  I pretty much exclusively use Airbnb.  Hotels are just way too expensive and I like feeling like I'm truly getting the experience of the city I'm staying in. Enough boring talk!  I'll get into it now:


Betty's Studio in Kreuzberg


So I didn't know seriously anything specific about any of the neighborhoods of the city when I booked my flight.  Got on to airbnb (which by the way, the overall prices of Berlin is quite less expensive than you would think. At least comparable to other major cities in Europe. ) Had a quick scroll through for the dates that I would be there.  Betty's place caught my eye straight away.  Now, I was going to be needing 5 nights of accommodations and she only had one night available.  Her place looked SO RAD that I had to book it.  Had to.


Betty is seriously the coolest chick EVER haha.  I'd guess she's probably in her....60's?? but has the best style and taste.   I should've asked her to let me take her photo so you can see what I mean about how insanely cool she is but I was too scared to haha.

 Everything in her flat was "wintage" haha = vintage.  Just soooo interesting to look at.  Even though I was absolutely shattered when I arrived I spent a good 15-20 minutes just walking around the room and looking at everything.  She has curated the best eclectic mix of art, books, photographs, obscure trinkets and toys.  Truly it felt like a gallery of her life and travels and stuff she finds cool.  Which I find cool :) Definitely something you could never get from a hotel.  She even left out a tray that had a bottle of grapefruit water and snacks.  She even had a power converter for me to use if I needed it.  

She's an actual Berlin native, born and raised.  Jewish.  And very proud of it.  I asked her about the art above the desk and turns out that painting she did is of Ann Frank and Betty knew her sister.  Betty told me about different famous artists and rockstars she knew and had personal photos with all over the room.  It was insane.


It took me a minute to find the flat.  I had taken a nearly 15 hour flight.  Then a bus.  Then the train.  Her flat is in the heart of Kreuzberg which was easily my favorite neighborhood in Berlin.  A homeless woman had come up to me asking for some money so I told her I'd give her some if she helped me find the address.  Once I found it you have to get buzzed in then walk through a courtyard.  She gave me a tutorial on how to lock/unlock the front door.  "Americans always struggle with this."  I saw what she meant.  Different kinda keys, different kinda locks.  Really old doors.  Everyone has it owns quirks.

Betty's place: 10/10

She told me she was booked up through October and someone even booked dates for 2019 which is WILD.  So if you're ever in Berlin I would definitely see if her place is free!  

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