Kyoto A Go-Go

I know y’all are just lovin all my cornball post titles these days! Haha. After our first night cruising the town and filling up on sweets we got a good night’s rest to prep for our full day ahead. The thing I wanted to do the most while we were in Kyoto and one of the top things I wanted to do overall on our trip was be outfitted in full traditional kimono and have our photos taken :)


We woke up extra early to give ourselves plenty of time to get into the city center from the outskirts of Arashiyama where we were staying. It would be a $45 cab ride that would take 20 minutes or over an hour on the bus for a couple bucks. We opted for the bus.


Jill, the navigator!


It was so nice walking through the neighborhoods early in the morning when things were quiet. As much as I love the wild cities, the small towns and streets were my favorite thing to walk amongst and observe.


About 40 some-odd stops later we finally made it to our destination! Throughout different parts of the ride the bus went from moderately full to absolutely jam-packed with people. The only “crazy” person we ever came across our whole time in the country was on that bus and she sang the same song over and over….for over an hour. Didn’t even bother me. I’m tone deaf so I couldn’t tell but my sister said “hey, she’s got good pitch.” HA! :)


The whole Kimono experience deserves it’s own post so stay tuned.


After we wrapped the shoot we made the trek across town to the Kinkakuji Temple or more famously known as the Golden Pavilion. Made from gold leaf it truly is something to behold.


There were SO many people there. I’d say one of my true talents in life is taking pictures that makes it look like we were the only ones there. But so FALSE. Hellllllla tourists and ones that stuck their iPhones in the shot left and right.

IMG_3684 7.JPG

The grounds were so stunning and peaceful. I imagine that places like this are where many people find their zen.


Sweeping, sweeping. The Japanese are always sweeping. It’s no wonder why this country is immaculate. Everyone does their part taking care to keep it clean. When you care about something you respect it, you take care of it. I really admire this aspect of their culture.


I loved seeing the little placards that were found at each temple. All of them unique to whichever one they were at.


I am 110% a dog person, but I LOVE this little lucky cat. I had seen it done by a really talented tattoo artist that I had tried to book an appointment with. I still would love to get one of these little guys one day.


Ha, this girl’s wish/prayer made me laugh and smile at the same time.


For dinner we headed to the Nishiki Market but sadly it was just closing. We stumbled across this lovely Udon restaurant and were really glad that we did!


Yum :)


Bummed Nishiki was closing by the time we got there but there is a huge shopping alley nearby that we cruised around and found some cool stuff!


I loved finding really strange ads or signs around like this one that were very oddly translated into English haha.


Such cool, curated shops, I die.


Add one of these jade mugs to the list of “Mugs I Wish I Bought When I Had The Chance”


Popped into this vintage shop called, Chicago, which I’m pretty sure is a small chain because I had seen one in Tokyo.

Now. I am a lazy thrifter. I’d rather pay more money for more curated stuff that fits than have to DIY finagle some thing I picked up for $3 after endlessly digging.

I love me a good canvas tote. I try to pick up cool ones whenever I’m out and about on trips or at a shop or brand I like enough to rep. Japan loves totes too and this tote section made me smile. for $20 USD you could score a genuine Target tote. I really hope no one got ripped off and actually bought that sucker.


They love American stuff, I’m tellin ya.


I had briefly mentioned in a post on my story a while back that the sizing in Japan is semi-depressing. I am glad to know I am the size of a Japanese man. Haha! But for real. When your sister who is a size 0-2 can’t even fit in some of the clothes than you don’t feel so bad when you are shopping in the men’s section. Which is fine but menswear is my thing! This sick rainbow array of overalls. Men’s. And so tiny.


If you haven’t seen any episodes of the new Netflix Docuseries, Dogs, at least go watch the episode about the Japanese dog groomer. It’ll warm up your little black heart like it did mine. They friggin love their dogs. Here are some cute little dog hats and backpacks :)


I wish I could’ve video documented the daily rigamarole that was us trying to find the correct bus stop. Going from corner to corner. Crossing the street and then realizing we were at the right bus stop from the beginning. I relate it to that one episode of spongebob where he’s trying to get back to Bikini bottom and just couldn’t catch the bus back or get a damn ice cream cone.

Anyway, as always whenever we reached the point where we needed to ask for help, the person we asked went out of their way to help us! We popped into a ramen shop and the guy left the restaurant and walked with us down to the street to find where we needed to wait.

Alright that’s it for this post. Hopefully if you’re ever in Kyoto you get to visit the Golden Pavilion, stroll through Nishiki Market and pick up some delicious food, score some vintage duds, and maybe even get serenaded for over an hour on a city bus! Thanks for reading :)

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