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Hey guys.  I don't know about you but I HATE PACKING.  Some people love it, I am not one of them.  I especially do not like paying to bring things with me, so whenever possible I try to fly only with a carry-on.  Even internationally.  

So here is a hodge podge of things I pack to make my life easier while traveling and the majority of it is more so applicable to girls but guys you may pick up something new.  If you already consider yourself a pro packer, congratulations.  Like always, this is just what works for me.  I've also just included products I've been trying out or liking lately.  Bone apple tea.

Pants:  Novella Royale , Cropped Sweatshirt:  Missguided , Shoes:  Converse , Suitcase:  Herschel Supply Co , Backpack: Adidas

Pants: Novella Royale, Cropped Sweatshirt: Missguided, Shoes: Converse, Suitcase: Herschel Supply Co, Backpack: Adidas

This something I would wear for a long-haul flight.  I am not a person that can wear pajamas in public.  Nor do I show up to the airport fully decked out in heels.  I just like to be comfortable (take a drink every time i say that in this post you will be K.O.) but I still like to look "presentable-ish." Also, sitting down in a cramped seat in high-waisted anything is...ya.  So I'll wear something kinda loose and I always wear a jacket or sweatshirt.  Even if I'm flying to Hawaii.  And for someone that always runs hot, I get cold on planes every time.

I would recommend wearing your heaviest items like shoes or coat with you on the plane as well.  If you're thinking you don't want to wear a bulky coat that will make you hot on board, you don't have to wear it.  You can stow it away in the overhead bin without it taking up unnecessary space in your carry-on or checked bag.  And extra pro-tip, you can stash crap in the pockets of the coat if you're on a really cheap-o airline that has weight limits on carry-ons or even personal items.


Check the dimensions of your baggage allowance if you're not sure.  The carry-on size maxes out at 22" on the cheap airline that I'm flying and good thing I checked.  I didn't have a bag that small.  With wheels.  Yeah, could've used a duffle I already have but trust me.  Especially if you're traveling alone, carrying a bag around a city and getting through crowds and on/off public much easier on wheels.  I splurged and got this one with the hard shell.  First time using it, I'll have to report back on how I like it.


Ok so this thing isn't even halfway filled with the things I'd planned on bringing but at the same's physically over halfway filled because it so freaking small.  I'm gonna make it work.  Just watch.  Also, you don't need multiple pajamas.  You don't.


I can not stress enough to bring COMFORTABLE SHOES.  Wear and bring shoes that are already broken in and have reliably been comfortable. Debuting brand new shoes that you haven't even worn or walked more than just around your room in would be a rookie mistake.  I have learned this the hard way.  I wore heeled boots the first time I visited both NYC and London and my dogs were howling.  Yeah, I get it, you want to look cute, but hobbling around in pain is not cute. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also once wore a brand new, right out of the box pair of Vans on the first day of a Europe trip.  They jacked up my heels BAD.  They were bleeding and I was tip toeing around Scotland because it was literally so bloody painful to walk.  I ended up having to shell out $100  to buy some Nikes and a pack of socks that covered my plasters (bandaids) so that I could physically walk.  I just bring a "going out" shoe I can wear if I go out at night and can uber there or something.


I, personally, like the look of socks that show so for style and comfort I would not recommend no-show socks.  Heels will rub, tears will fall, attitudes will be copped.  My favorite socks ever are from Daiso and are $1.50 a pair.


When it comes to getting dressed, I like to make it as easy on myself as possible.   I've started collecting all-in-one type clothing items lately like jumpsuits and even dresses (which is weird because I'm not realllllyyyy a dress person but I think I'm going to bring one on this trip).  They are nice for the lazy girl because it's one head-to-toe outfit.  You don't have to pack lots of separates and they can be really comfortable and effortless looking.  Plus they're usually pretty lightweight and don't take up a lot of room so you can bring one or two more than you need.  I'd wear converse during the day, change into boots, you got a going-out outfit.  Throw a jacket on, you're set. 

I used to bring way too many clothes on trips and still feel like I had nothing to wear when I got dressed for the day.  So this is an appropriate instance for planning ahead for your outfits.  I usually leave really tight stuff at home.  When I'm walking around for 12 hours straight I want to be as comfy as possible. Lately I've been all about relaxed trousers. Oh and pockets, pockets, pockets.  This may be obvious as well, but pack clothes that make you feel good and are flattering.  If you feel good you will look good in your travel pictures.

 Here are some types of outfits I would wear on a trip. :

I don't know if that segment was at all helpful.  I know a good handful of you girls DM'd me telling me you're going on a trip soon and have no idea what to pack clothes-wise.  Maybe I'll try to get some photos of my outfits while i'm in Europe?  ASOS and Free People are my go-to's more often than not.

So I like the natural, dewey, no-makeup makeup look which lends it self to a lot of cream based products. Which mostly come in stick or tube form making it very convenient for travel because they don't take up a lot of space, they can lay flat in my makeup bag and you can apply or blend a lot of these products if not all with either your fingers or beauty blender.


Speaking of beauty blenders.  If you use one, or any makeup sponge in general I would definitely recommend getting this mesh carrier for it.  I'm not overly germaphobic but I am when it comes to things I put on my face.  I bought mine at Sephora.

Do you sometimes get a rogue zit on your face after you fly, because same.  All that recycled fart air.  My skin gets really dry after flights too so I try to keep it as hydrated and moisturized as possible.  If I'm doing a red-eye international flight, I like to do a little skincare routine.  After dinner is finished and people are starting to settle in and turn the lights out and sleep I go to the bathroom and take my makeup off.  Sometimes I'll even cleanse my face.  When I'm back in my seat I put on a sheet mask.  You can reapply your makeup in the airport bathroom if you want when you land.


If you buy stuff from Ulta or Sephora, you know you get free samples each time you order.  Or if you're like me, sometimes you place an order because if you spend X amount they give you a free mini size of something.  Well, I save them for trips.  Sometimes they're really decently sized samples and substantial enough to bring.  Totally optional but just an idea.


Ok. So. Let's cut to the chase.  Get this spray so you can go to the bathroom and not give a shiz about your shiz.  If you're staying at an air bnb and they have one bathroom, if you're going on a big trip in mixed company and you don't want to wait til 3 am to use the bathroom while everyone is asleep, if you don't want to get major stomach aches because you are too self conscious to take a dump because you're worried about it then look no further, people.  Get this spray


Power Source.  I asked for this power bank for Christmas.  When fully charged it can charge an iPhone up to 8 times or a laptop like one and half times.  It's nice to just be able to charge on the go without having to stop and plug in somewhere.  Navigation apps drain your battery pretty fast, as does cold weather.  If you're out somewhere cold, keep your phone somewhere really close to your person and warm to prevent it from killing your battery.

Adapters.  I went to France for a weekend when I was living in the U.K. which has a different power outlet prong situation.  I thought My adapter had an interchangeable piece for it.  It did. I just left it at home.  So.  In France by myself and phone is about to die.  Don't really want to buy a new charger considering I will only be of use for that european outlet for another 36 hours.  So I did what I had to do.  I very cautiously looked in my air bnb dude's room for a charger.  He's gotta have one, right?  I felt weird the whole time I was looking around through someone else's stuff.  I don't like to do that.  But it was a desperate time.  Didn't end up finding one.  Did end up finding other things that I wished I could have unseen lol.   Ended up having to buy one down the street from a dude who's pretty much only english was "issa good price. issa good price."  



Your trip is only as good as the food you eat, am i right.  I always make sure to bring snacks with me to have just on-hand.  The airport rips you off, the plane food usually sucks and/or doesn't give you any, and sometimes you just straight up get hungry when you're in your hotel or whatever and wished you had a snack.  I try to pick things that still have some nutritional value versus just a candy bar.  But I will buy sourpatch kids.

Other miscellaneous tips:

  • I would print out copies of all travel related documents.  Accommodation bookings, tour confirmations, rental car receipts, anything that can show the purpose and duration of your trip.  Makes for really fast customs & immigration stops.  Especially if you're going to be going to multiple countries.  Heathrow Airport in London is VERY strict and no-nonsense about getting into their country.  I had gone to Paris for a weekend when I was living in London and I'm glad I brought all my school registration paperwork with me because the U.K. immigration officer had not let another "student" back into the country because they didn't have enough proof.  I know most people nowadays just keep all their itineraries and confirmations in their phones.  But on the off chance you lose your phone or it dies or whatever, you have your documents.
  • I also made a copy of my passport and license that I always keep with me when I go abroad.  I would not put it with your passport if you keep it in a passport holder.  No sense in having it in the same place, if one gets lost/stolen they both do.
  • Double/triple check you have the right headphones.  I thought I was checking ahead and making sure I had headphones for an 11 hour flight.  I had headphones, just the ones with the lightning cable and the kind that CANNOT be inserted into the TV on the plane.  11 hours of staring into the seat back in front of me.  
  • Download playlists, shows, movies ahead of time.
  • Never put your electronics in a checked bag.  I've seen airline workers out on the tarmac just chucking bags with little to no concern for what might be inside them.  Plus the heat down in the holds can wreck your stuff.  Especially do not put film cameras down there.
  • Have TSA workers hand check your film.  Also if you are traveling with film already loaded in a camera and it goes through the X-ray machine. That film is now trash.  I got to Hawaii once and thought my polaroid camera was broken.  Then I realized the brand new pack of film I stupidly loaded into the camera was exposed while going through security.  Ask them to hand check it or just keep the film wrapped in its protective wrapping.

I think that about wraps it up.  Nothing earth shattering.  Hopefully you found something useful out of it!  When in doubt, you can just buy something if you forget it once you're there.  Don't stress.

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